Welcome to IGOPL Offshore, a total Subsea Solutions Company, provider of a host of services to the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry. With experience and strategic collaborations, IGOPL is equipped to cater to the ever-demanding needs of the Oil and Gas industry across the globe.

Through successful execution of projects in India and the Far East, serving some of the leading global EPIC contractors, IGOPL has come a long way and has established a strong reputation for itself within the industry.

IGOPL believes that the highest work standards and ethical practices are the prime aspects of business to attain and retain the leadership position. To ensure this, IGOPL is committed to continual improvement through the compliance with various international certifications

Besides being a member of IMCA, IGOPL has accreditation from ABS for:

  • ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System)
  • ISO 14001:2015 (Environment Management System)
  • OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System)


IGOPL Offshore Private Limited, formerly known as International Grout Operations Private Limited, was incorporated in 2008, under the laws of India, with a leading group of accomplished professionals from the Oil & Gas industry, partnering together to provide world class services on the subsea front to the Offshore Oil & Gas Sector in the Indian subcontinent. Subsequently, to support the expanding business activities in the Far East, the company instituted Joint Venture named IGOPL Offshore SDN BHD, registered under the laws of Malaysia.

Along the way, with its various strategic collaborations in India and overseas, IGOPL has access to an array of specilised technologies and state of the art equipment, complimented with professional task force.

Thus, IGOPL today has acquired capabilities to successfully undertake all subsea activities that are part of any EPIC offshore project or field development.

Our Mission

IGOPL Offshore Private Limited is engaged in offshore construction, technical and management services in India. IGOPL is socially and environmentally responsible and creative organization dedicated to provide quality products and services to our customers. We are committed to continuously strengthen our product quality to improve our competitive position and financial performance. IGOPL employees and business partners will share in our success and our stakeholders will receive a sustained superior return on their investment.

Our Vision

To create a world class and first choice organization in the field of offshore construction, technical and management services by focusing on stakeholders, customers, our people, innovation, efficiency and value addition.

The IGOPL Edge

IGOPL has strategic collaboration with prominent industry leaders, enhancing the capabilities through the highly specilised and advanced technologies available across the globe, thus enabling IGOPL better the best in delivering quality services to our esteemed clients. To ably support this pursuit, the company has a competent team of experts, who have notable history in the offshore Oil and Gas industry; and thus, has come to become a meeting hub for leading professionals in the offshore and onshore oil and gas industry. The company brings together the combined experience of seasoned professionals who have been contributing to the industry for more than two to three decades on an average. The leadership team has had the privilege of being part of several landmark projects across the onshore and offshore spectrum and for a range of clientele that includes some of the world’s foremost companies.

IGOPL also has the privilege of being among the list of Approved Service Providers for some of the prominent industry names, like the SAIPEM, TECHNIP, FUGRO, PETRONAS, BG, ONGC etc. As such, our management systems and processes, including technical and operating procedures, have passed stringent audits by the esteemed organisations referred above.

Owing to the above, IGOPL is in a position to integrate all aspects of offshore operations, effectively synchronising all aspects of subsea and marine operations, making IGOPL a single stop solution for offshore subsea requirements of our clients.

Quality, Health, Safety, Security & Environmental Policy

IGOPL Offshore Pvt. Limited is an offshore diving company involved in carrying out Marine, Diving and Subsea Services including Execution of Contracts related to Subsea Surveys, Underwater Grouting, Offshore Construction and Diving Services Offshore using Air, Mixed gas, Saturation Diving technologies, "In Water Survey Services" and Diving workshop- Diving equipment storage, repair and maintenance activity.

We at IGOPL are committed to provide quality products and services to meet the customers’ requirements and to consistently improve quality performance, while offering our customers safe, cost effective and professional services to attain customer satisfaction.

To maintain the above, IGOPL endeavors:

  • To fulfill and exceed Customer needs and expectations by delivering quality services in a consistent and timely manner.
  • To cultivate and maintain the commitment to continual improvement and communicate our goals and objectives to every interested party.
  • Provide safe practices in ships and other operations and safe working environments.
  • Upgrade proficiency of personnel thru training and improve awareness of individual’s role in this regard.
  • Continually reviews and improves the effectiveness and performance of systems and process to ensure their optimum use and recycling of resources as applicable.
  • Implements with the organization, state of the art practices and environmental, health and safety standards and also encourage suppliers to adopt the same.
  • Minimizes pollution and adverse impact on environment.
  • Assesses all identified risks to its ships, equipment, personnel, environment including emergencies related to onshore, offshore and aboard ships and establishes safeguards to prevent injuries, ill health and for environment protection.

IGOPL will review its QHSSE policy and whenever required, will make necessary revision to the policy and communicate this policy to its employees and contractors and make it available to public and interested parties on request.

IGOPL is also committed to ensure compliance with all rules and regulations, applicable codes, guidelines and standards recommended by the organization, administration, classification societies and standard to which it subscribes.



Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has always been an integral part of IGOPL Offshore Pvt. Ltd. (IGOPL). IGOPL is committed in contributing towards the welfare of children from the weaker sections of the society by partnering and associating with NGO’s that offer opportunities for the children’s basic needs of shelter, food, clothing, education and medical care. Sports is another arena where IGOPL has been extending its support.


The main objective of CSR policy is to make CSR a continual business process for sustainable development of the society. IGOPL will act as a good corporate citizen and aims at supplementing the role of Government in enhancing the welfare measures of the society within the framework of its policy.

Going forward and keeping in line with the above ideology, IGOPL’s objective is to extend its support towards promoting and supporting welfare schemes for children and the under- privileged sections of the society, by contributing towards their basic needs of shelter, nourishment, clothing, education and medical care.

IGOPL will also endeavor to participate in enhancing gender equality and empowering women, prevention of violence against women & children, imparting vocational skills to adolescent girls.

Encouraging sports by sponsoring training programs and competitions will continue, as IGOPL emphases that an active body results in an active and positive mind.

In line with IGOPL’s corporate policy, IGOPL will strive to ensure control on prevention, preservation and conservation of environment and social awareness.

IGOPL will be guided by the CSR activities as listed in Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013 read along with its Rules and subsequent notified amendments.

IGOPL is of the view that CSR makes good business sense as companies with effective CSR, have an image of being a socially responsible company, as a result of which their services are recognized and preferred, thereby achieving sustainable growth in their operations.


To be involved in our own futures to create a better world for our children to live in.

Getting an education is not only the children’s right, but a passport to a better future - for the children and for the country. The economic benefits of investing in children today will ensure the well-being and productivity of future generations for decades to come.

How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because some day in life you will have been all of these. - George Washington Carver


As IGOPL is still in its nascent stage, IGOPL shall implement its CSR activities proactively through third party NGO’s, i.e. via a Registered Trust or Registered Society or a Section 8 Company (Non-profit entity) which will need to have a 3 years track record of undertaking similar projects or programs.


The CSR Committee of IGOPL, shall be composed of three Directors.

The CSR Committee shall meet as often as its members deem necessary to perform the duties and responsibilities or meet at least twice a year to review the progress made.

The CSR Committee shall:

Formulate and recommend to the Board, a CSR policy, which shall indicate the Activities / Programs to be undertaken preferably in the vicinity of the local area and definetly within India.

Recommend the amount of expenditure to be incurred on the activities referred above.

Institute a transparent mechanism for implementation of the CSR projects and activities.

Effectively Monitor the CSR Policy of the company from time to time. Put monitoring mechanisms in place to track the progress of each project.

Review of the CSR activities to be undertaken by IGOPL.

The CSR Committee shall be guided by the list of activities specified in Schedule VII to the Companies Act, 2013, its Rules and subsequent Notified Amendments therein.

Prepare an Annual Report of the CSR activities undertaken.


Approve the CSR Policy and the CSR Expenditure after taking into consideration the recommendations made by the CSR committee.

Ensure the CSR spending every financial year of at least 2% of average net profits (calculated as per section 198 of the Companies Tax Act, 2013) made during immediately preceding 3 financial years.

Ensure that CSR activities included in the CSR Policy are undertaken by IGOPL and that such activities are related to the activities specified in Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013, its Rules and subsequent Notified Amendments therein

Ensure disclosure of the contents of the CSR Policy on the IGOPL website.

Directors’ Report for FY 2014-15 onwards to include:

  • Contents of the CSR Policy and Composition of the CSR committee;
  • An annual report on the CSR in the prescribed format;
  • Reasons for failure (if any) to spend required amount on CSR activities.


Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy conforms to the Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013 on Corporate Social Responsibility as spelt out by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.

Management Team

  • Mr. Jai Thappa, Managing Director

    Mr. Thappa has spent over 30 years in the industry and has acquired a long list of professional and technical qualifications and certifications in the field of diving and underwater engineering, including management studies in Ship Management through the Lloyds Register of Shipping, UK.

    Mr. Thappa has played a pivotal role in various offshore projects. He has ensured timely completion of each project and has successfully yet effortlessly raised the bar in the industry

Certifications and Accreditations

ISO 9001: 2015 (Quality Management System)

An ISO certification signifies that the organization complies with the stipulated standards in the industry. The certification is granted by a recognised independent body that assesses the organization and determines if it complies with its stringent standards.

An ISO certification also ensures that the said company complies with the latest in quality level. Be it the quality of services that they deliver to their customers or the processes that they employ in order to deliver the said services. This certification proves that the company adheres to a certain quality in its processes and in its services.

ISO 14001:2015 (Environment Management System)

The ISO 14000 certification ensures that the company complies with certain environment management standards. It includes standards on environmental auditing, life cycle analysis, environmental performance evaluation, and more. This certification ensures controls for those activities that have an effect on the environment. These include the use of natural resources, handling and treatment of waste and energy consumption.

ISO 45001:2018 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System)

This certification ensures that the company promotes a safe and healthy working environment by providing a framework that allows an organization to consistently identify and control its health and safety risks, reduce the potential for accidents, aid legislative compliance and improve overall performance.

IMCA Membership

Membership to this elite club of companies ensures that the organization complies with international standards in their services and processes. There is a certain degree of uniformity in the processes that ensures a smoother relationship between a client and a service provider.

Our commitment to the environment

At IGOPL we are committed to our environmental responsibility, and make every effort to minimise and reverse the effects of our operations.

As a company we undertake essential precautions to conserve the environment.

We also take great care in ensuring that our equipment is environmentally friendly.

Life at IGOPL

At IGOPL, you will find a diverse set of people who come from various backgrounds to form one formidable group.

IGOPL as an organisation takes great pride in ensuring absolute equality and fairness in all its dealings with its employees. The company places extra emphasis on team spirit as we believe it is very important for an organisation to have a strong sense of cohesiveness if it has to achieve its goals.

The company also ensures that its employees enjoy a work-life balance as it is crucial to be productive.