Subsea Operations

IGOPL is equipped to provide a host of services to undertake activities that are part of any EPIC offshore project or field development and maintenance including the following:

  • Project planning and execution
  • Pre engineering/ Pre and Post-construction surveys
  • Installation of Riser Clamps and Risers
  • Subsea spool installation and Tie-ins
  • Installation of J-tubes/I-tubes
  • Installation of Flexible risers & umbilicals
  • Installation of Clamp-on structures
  • Installation of Conductors
  • Installation of Subsea manifolds and PLEMs
  • Subsea grouting operations
  • Stabilization and protection for various subsea structures
  • Free span and Crossover corrections for rigid and flexible pipelines
  • Installation of SBMs & PLEMs
  • SBM operations and maintenance
  • Emergency Pipeline Repair Systems (EPRS)
  • Installation of Mooring Terminals
  • Modification of obsolete structures
  • Inspection Repairs and Maintenance of Subsea structures
  • Recertification surveys
Grouting Operations

IGOPL can provide integrated grouting solutions (including the provision of fabric form work and pre cast concrete grout bags) diver and ROV intervention for all subsea grouting requirements, including the following:

  • Pipeline and cable crossings
  • Pipeline and cable stabilization
  • Pipeline and cable protection
  • Stabilization and protection for various subsea structures
  • Anti-scour protection
  • Jacket annulus grouting

Marine Operations

Offshore Construction encompasses a wide range of activities of which marine is an integral part. IGOPL has in house-expertise in management of DP DSVs (Dynamic Positioning Diving Support Vessel) MSVs (Multiple Support Vessels), offshore work barges and other vessels.

Our expertise in the offshore construction helps in identifying the right marine spread and optimizing the same for executing the project.

IGOPL also owns a DP II Dive Support Vessel "Wilchief 1" with built in 15 Men Saturation Dive system.